Adventure awaits

Use Your Skills and Reflexes to Survive

Sweet Dreams, Dahlia is a challenging metroidvania game. You’ll explore a world created by the ancient civilization of the Amaries, who have mastered the elements and created wondrous contraptions. You will battle tainted creatures and outsmart intricate traps, all to find Dahlia’s identity and help her escape her wretched prison.

  • Explore a vast, beautiful world and solve mysteries of extinct civilizations.
  • Encounter a bizarre collection of friends and foes
  • Prepare for the challenges with powerful new skills and abilities
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Prepare yourself

Escape the mysterious world of your prison

Dahlia wakes from a sarcophagus prison, only to realize she doesn’t know who, what or where she is. She gets free thanks to an unlikely ally, the flying salamander Axo, and they join forces to escape. But enemies lurk around each corner and Dahlia and Axo have to find a way to fight their way out and rediscover her true story.

They find themselves in a world of four ancient civilizations. All of their lands have decayed because of a crystal plague outbreak. Now all citizens roam the realms as mindless zombies, only to attack Dahlia at first sight. Something inside her is triggering them, but what…

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Every frame is a picture

Enigmatic Hand-Drawn Art

The world of Sweet Dreams, Dahlia is brought to life in vivid, colorful detail. It’s populated with unusual and dreadful creatures, each sprung to life with love by hand-drawn traditional 2D animation.

Every new area you’ll discover is unique and strange, teeming with new creatures and characters. These interconnected realms are worth exploring to find ancient weapons to upgrade your skills, as the player takes in the sights and discovers hidden wonders.

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